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Tulsi from the garden, tea from the farm, results in a refreshing cup of tea so warm!
 Tulsi has been the star ingredient in all our morning rituals, why not kick start our day with a cup of rejuvenating brew of Tulsi Green Tea? One cannot imagine a more holistic combination than this which replenishes lost vitality and restores our body and mind.
Fun fact: Tulsi is also known as the Queen of Herbs, making Tulsi Green Tea the Queen of Teas!
High in Antioxidants | Boosts Metabolism | Weight Management | Detoxification | Relieves Anxiety 

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How to brew and store?
Brew Tulsi Green tea for three to five minutes with a water temperature of around 80-85 °C . Select high quality loose leaves and add a tablespoon per 180ml  of water. Prefer enjoying its pristine taste. In order to retain the aroma and flavour of Tulsi Green Tea, store it in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. Also, make sure to stray away from places of strong odour. It is best to keep it in a sealed, opaque airtight container.

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