Green Mint Tea

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Greetings from Green Mint- The modern day elixir
 Rooted in Morocco, Green Mint Tea produces a citrusy yellow coloured liquor. Rich in Antioxidants, this tea can help fight bacterial infections. The mint adds a dash of freshness to the vegetal,grassy hints of the green tea and blends along perfectly. This rejuvenating combination is sure to boost your spirits between any long,tiring day!
Fun Fact :This beverage has the longest history in Morocco, where it’s called Maghrebi.

Better Digestion | Prevents Heart Problems | Relieves Nausea | Improves irritable Bowel Syndrome

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How to brew and store?
Heat the water but  refrain from using boiling water. Pour the water into the needed amount of tea and let the mixture brew with a close lid for 2-3 minutes. Strain the mixture and serve hot. Can also be served with a few drops of lemon for a tangy taste.  To be stored in an air-tight tin and preferably in a dark,cool place. It is best to not use a refrigerator/freezer for storage purposes. If used, Always bring tea to  room temperature before use.





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