Earl Grey Black Tea

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Earl Gray, All the Way!
A Caffeinated Black tea flavoured with oils/peels of Bergamot-a citrus fruit native to Italy, Earl Gray black tea has been widely considered as a “posh drink”, due to its name. Thanks to the Bergamot addition, The unique and well known flavour of Earl gray and its citrusy aroma is sure to give you an energy boost!
Fun Fact : The tea earned its nickname from The British Prime minister, Charles Gray,The 2nd Earl Gray in the 1800’s!
Lowers Cholesterol | Aids Weight loss | Reduces risk of Cardiovascular diseases

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How to brew and store?


It is best to heat cold water, preferably filtered. Bring it just under boiling temperature and transfer to a teapot that has been preheated. This is done to ensure a consistent steeping process. Place the tea in the pot and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain and serve with lemon (British version) or milk and sugar(American version). It is recommended to store Earl Gray black tea in a foil pouch which can be sealed tightly or in an opaque, air-tight container that can be stored in a cool,dark place to keep it dry and fresh.

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