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Assam tea? How Awesome!
Assam Green tea is widely grown in the lowlands of Assam and cultivated in the valley of Brahmaputra river. The tropical climate of the area helps gain the unique taste it is famous for.These emerald green leaves brew a lime green liquor,rich in antioxidants, with notes of earthy and vegetal flavours are sure to kickstart your mornings!
Fun fact: The second flush is termed as ‘Tippy tea’ owing to the golden tips that appear at the end of leaves and bring more flavour.
Reduces inflammation and cholesterol | Reduces risk of cancer | Healthier brain function | Reduces anxiety

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How to brew and store?
It is recommended to turn off the heat before the water starts to boil to keep the drink from turning bitter. After mixing the tea and the water,cover the pot and let it brew for a good 3-5 minutes. Strain and serve the mixture. Assam green tea is best when stored separately if you have objects or food with strong odour to preserve its aroma and taste. It would also last longer if kept away from light, air, heat and moisture.

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