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Brisk and malty, Assam black tea will satiate your senses with its earthy hues.
Named after the region it is grown in, Assam Black Tea grows at sea level, under warm and humid climatic conditions. This helps the tea get its distinct malty flavor it is renowned for. Although known by a variety of names not limited to its birthplace namesakes, like Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea, or Irish Breakfast Tea, the sure test of purity and quality lies in the tea leaves’ golden tips.
Fun fact: This tea made the culture of breakfast tea popular!
 Promotes Weight Loss | Reduces blood sugar | Builds Immunity | Strengthens Neurochemicals

Size :
  • Type CTC Tea
  • Physical Form Dried
  • Color Black
  • Feature Organic Tea
  • Variety Other
  • Style Loose Tea
  • Garden
  • Year
  • Single Estate
  • Speciality
  • Caffeine Level
  • Sweetness
  • Flavoured
  • Recommended Steeps
  • Best time to consume
How to brew and store?
Brew Assam tea for three to five minutes with a water temperature of around 194 °F to 203 °F. Select whole leaves with golden tips and add a tablespoon per 8 ounces of water. Prevent the usage of straining vessels like tea balls or infuser baskets to make sure that the leaves fully develop and diffuse their flavour. Add milk only after you’re satisfied with the taste. Add milk to the water as it boils, before adding the milk will dilute the strength of the tea. Make sure to warm the milk beforehand to avoid temperature variation. Assam Tea tastes best without sweet so add around half a teaspoon of it and stir well.To enjoy the flavour of Assam Black Tea to its fullest, make sure to store it in an airtight container. Prevent direct sunlight to fall on it and hence store it in opaque containers. The tea should not be stored in a warm place. Also, make sure to stray away from places of strong odour. Exposing the Tea to a humid environment gives it a mouldy taste and hence, should be avoided at all costs.
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