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All our products carry the internationally accepted EAN-13 Bar-Coding. All large retailers / international buyers too can now stock trade in our range of products Read More Traveling & Wonder How You Will Call For Your Favorite Cup of Tea across the World Read More Need Tea Trust Deesha

From the Director

We introduce ourselves as tea tasters, blenders, packers and as Tea Auction members through our associates companies since 1975 at Siliguri and from 1992 at Guwahati auction centres.We also source Teas directly from more than 250 gardens / factories for our clients.Read More

We care passionately about our families, our customers, our business partners, Colleagues and as per Vedic ideology every material & living objects wishing their well-being.
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Tea the most consumed popular super - beverage of the millenium ,  has and continues to play an important role in almost all world cultures and customs.....made to both regional & individual  contrasting  taste and preferences  & moods
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In the month of January 2007. North India, South India crop figures are 21.00 Million Kgs
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Assam, Darjeeling, Dooars, Nilgiris are the name of the major regions in India where tea plantation thrives & teas are named after the region they come from.
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Tea the most consumed popular super - beverage of the millennium ,  has and continues to play an important role in almost all world cultures
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All teas come from the same plant. The differences stem from how they are processed.Freshly harvested leaves contain 75-83% moisture while processed tea has a moisture content of less than 3%. Tea production is simply a drying process.
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